Attorney Chimere Nwankwo

Attorney Chimere Nwankwo received his law degree from Drake University Law School. He spent the first year of his career as an assistant district attorney for Wood County, Wisconsin. There he focused on misdemeanor, and felony cases, as well as juvenile proceedings, such as, children in need of protection and services, termination of parental rights, and juvenile in need of protection and services.

Chimere joined Schuster Family Law Firm in Madison, Wisconsin, where he focused on family law issues, such as, divorce, legal separation, paternity, and post-judgment matters including child custody and placement disputes, and modification of child support. He also represented clients in the areas of domestic and harassment restraining orders. He has been appointed by the court to act as Guardian ad Litem, representing the best interests of children in custody and placement disputes.

Chimere continues to practice in all areas of family law and immigration law and seeks to provide immediate and reliable assistance to his clients. He understands that dealing with family law issues and immigration law issues can be very stressful and believes in being available to assist clients at each step of the way.